Tell us what you need!

Alex EllettSep 8, '21

Can't find the part your looking for? We may not have it available right now. Leave a comment below detailing what parts you want us to build, the more comments detailing one specific part or model vehicle will bump it up in our production list!

Dodge Ram Composite Rocker Panels and Cab Corners

Alex EllettJul 26, '211 comment

Some pictures of a customers vehicle last week. The customer had severe rust on his cab corners and rockers. Luckily we were able to help him out with a set of our products. We also may have discovered an new method for cab corner installation! If you have our cab...

The Start To The EGP Ford Product Line!

Alex EllettJul 15, '21

 If you are looking into replacing your cab corners, look no further. As the start to our ford line of products we now offer composite 99-16 Ford Cab corners. Ford trucks are notorious for rusting out and we thought we should do something about it. Since there is no welding involved...