Fiberglass Composite Rocker Panels

Fiberglass Composite Rocker Panels

Alex EllettFeb 17, '212 comments

EGP™ Rocker Panels and Cab Corners

The new way for autobody repair!

First, I would like to make something abundantly clear. Our rocker panels and cab corners are a alternative rust repair solution. That being said, our parts are strong and durable. They will handle gravel, snow, mud, ect.. We thinks its important to clarify they do not have the buckling properties like steel, but neither does your currently rotted out rocker panels. Our design opens up new ways for autobody repairs, we now do not need a bulking tac welder to do hard to reach jobs.

Our products are opening up autobody shop owner's eyes all across the nation. Autobody is not an easy job; it takes skill, patience, and a good since of sight and feel. Our products are helping speed up the repair process, while solving an issue a large number of people experience every year, Rust. We are constantly working on improving out design, quality, and speed. With customer feed back we can do our best to provide the best. Its a great feeling knowing these products are currently in use and doing their job. If you have these products on your pickup send us some feed back we definitely want to hear what you have to say, If you are thinking on purchasing call in or send us a message we'd love to help in any way possible!



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David Paul on Sep 17, '23

Do you make rocker panels and cab corners for 99-06 Silverado 2500hd crew cab?

dan pollett on Apr 8, '21

are the front fenders available

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