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Home All Products EGP® Bedsides

EGP® Bedsides

Tired of the never ending rust? Accidental dents and dings or maybe some serious automotive injury? Well, we are here to offer simple, smart, and durable replacement auto body parts. Our products are made from a high-strength polyester composite fiberglass.  With advancements in this technology, our products are high dent and impact resistant and are guaranteed to never rust out.

See if Pre-Conditioned parts are right for you!

Our bedsides were made and designed to be assembled by anyone, while maintaining the aesthetic of OEM parts. Not only will these bedsides look good on your ride, but our branded products are all made with the highest quality material right here in the USA! Rest assured that it will keep the pickup's value if ever you decide to sell it. Contact us with any questions, we're happy to help!