Sikafast -3531 Adhesive 400ml

E Glass Industries, LLC

Sika -3531

Sikafast -3531 is a two-component, 100% reactive structural adhesive specifically formulated for bonding thermoplastics, thermosets, metals, and composite assemblies.

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1:1 High Strength Structural Methacrylate Adhesive

400ml (13.5 fl. oz)

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EGP® Use and Requirements

This adhesive is used in bonding the rocker panels and cab corners to the cab of your vehicle. It is specifically designed to bond our fiberglass composites to the steel. Once the adhesive is mixed and applied you will have 15 minutes to make any altercations if necessary, after that let it cure and begin grinding.

This adhesive can also be used for our bedsides and tailgate panels.