About Us

E Glass Industries is a privately-owned company, dedicated to manufacturing and reselling automotive body panels and accessories. We focus on making composite fiberglass replacement auto body panels as simple as possible to purchase and assemble, while making your vehicle look as good as new! We value every one of our customers and care very much about your view and opinion on our products.





EGP® (E Glass Products) is an original brand owned by E Glass Industries, LLC.  We design and manufacture composite body panels. We pride ourselves in serving our customers top-of-the-line quality parts, made to simply fix your rust, dent, and corrosion problem once and for all.



           We have been using steel and aluminum for skins and covers for decades.  With the fast advancement in the composites industry we have come up with new and improved fiberglass and carbon fiber technologies. We believe this is the answer for body panels, since it can handle pressure, temperature change, and day to day abuse.  Plus, it will never rust, dent, or corrode. Replacement panels bought overseas and "rust free steel parts" are destined to decline as soon as you install them, so I believe the answer is simple. If you're going to spend the money on replacing a body panel, spend it right and get something that is not only a better option structurally, but is faster to assemble and will add value to your vehicle for years to come.

-Alex Ellett, Owner/Founder