Why We Are Right For You

We could sit here and tell you what's wrong with competing providers for auto body panels, but we figured you would appreciate hearing why we are right for you.

     1. Product Longevity and Durability

EGI™ products are made to last. We know your vehicle is a cherished investment so we only make our products from the best materials on the market. On top of that, you can rest assured you will never have to deal with rust for the rest of the time you own your vehicle.

      2. Our Shipping and Handling

No matter what product you buy, everything is protected and insured all through transit. We make sure your products get to your home in the same condition they left the factory.

      3. Product Alignment

When buying online there is always a worry your purchase won't fit or look good on your vehicle. We understand that. We test fit our products 3-5 times before they are ready to sell. We put extra effort, time, and money into packaging our products for a secure transport. You will never need to worry about bent or damaged parts. All body lines and attachment flanges line up.

      4. Customer Care and Support

We know if you are shopping on our site you are probably not thrilled replacing a body panel. It is time consuming, tricky, and expensive. We came up with a way to speed up the process and save you money at the same time. We send a step-by-step installation manual, a list of required tools, pictures for guidance, and detailed information on how to install our product. We won't leave you hanging. Customer service is available by email, messenger, and phone.

      5. American Founded and Produced

E Glass Industries, LLC was founded in the heartland of the United States. We know nothing more than hard, diligent work for the best quality possible. That is why our parts are designed and manufactured right here in the USA. When you buy from us, you buy from an American small business. Your pickup is not only your work horse but a symbol of yourself. Let us work with you to make it look its absolute best.