EGP® Pre-Conditioning

E Glass Industries, LLC


EGP® Pre-Conditioned Bedsides

Pre-conditioning rates will be changing 08/01/2021

Prepping parts for paint can be time consuming and kind of expensive. We can take some of the load off with our Pre-Conditioned parts. With this option we block sand and prime your product, this will save you time and money getting ready to paint. Select the year and model you have in the option bar! 


  • Some additional work will be required before painting, this method just helps quicken the process.
  • Allow 1-3 weeks for lead time before shipping.
  • This is a service only, you will need to add the Bedsides/Front fenders you want before we can process this order.

Products Used

Martin Senour Acrylic Urethane Premium Paint/Primer (2-3 coats)